Welcome to I-80 Farms

I-80 Farms is a family owned and operated farming business with our primary
focus on grain. We have been a part of the same community for over 70 years
and it is our intent to always maintain a positive reputation and influence. I-80
Farms strives to remain a profitable and growing operation, producing quality
crops in an employee-friendly setting, using environmentally sound practices.

About us

The Talsma farm was started back in the 1920's by Jim and Nellie Talsma Sr. Their son Jim Jr. and his wife Bertha began farming in the late 1950's. William and David, sons of Jim Jr. and Bertha, started farming on their own in 1979 and formed Talsma Brothers Partnership in the mid-1980's. Slowly they grew the operation by renting additional acres.


Stewardship is about how the land and resources that make up I-80 Farms are managed. Being good stewards includes no-till farming methods, wetland preservation, use of biotech crops and soy lube in addition to utilizing technology and data collection for efficiency and cost-effective practices.